What’s in my bag? – Realistic edition

I always make jokes about this and often roast beauty bloggers and social media influencers for doing ‘What’s in my bag?’ videos and write ups and also unboxing videos (it’s mainly because I want people to send me free stuff but they don’t so therefore I hate everyone who gets to lavish in this and brag about it). But I actually quite like them and find it real interesting. I often try to recreate it myself over on my Instagram account in the hope that companies will sponsor me. I have no shame.

My only problem with the what’s in my bags and the unboxing videos is that they’re never realistic. It’s always the latest make up palette that no one except the people that make these videos can afford or “I have a bottle of OVI Hydration in my bag” which is a lie because no one on Earth consumes that beverage by choice if it brings them no monetary gain. I promise you.

I wanted to do one myself and I wanted it to be realistic. I’ve joked about this with people on Twitter before, quite a lot, and the responses have always been too real and hilarious. HERE IS MY ONE!

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What’s Going On? – May 2017

What’s Going On? is essentially going to be a summary of my life as it currently is. It will be written on the 7th of every month for no other reason apart from the fact that I am writing this today and wanted to do this monthly – so the 7th it is, and it’ll be a summary of the previous month (so it is June 7th and I am writing about the month of May). This month features: iPad games, Terrace House, Big Little Lies, One Love Manchester, and too much butter chicken.

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