Food places of the month – June 2017

I basically live off takeaways and dining out, mainly because of work schedule and me hardly ever being at home in the evenings. Here’s a list of 10 places I’ve eaten at this month and how I rate them.

Jewel of Bombay – Metro Centre, Queen St*

I have had butter chicken at least once a week for like 2 months and I’ve gained 5kgs because of it (fml). I can’t stop. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I know it’s a bad idea, yet it’s so delicious at the time. It’s not the best curry place in the world but it does wonders after a long work shift. I almost always regret it immediately after. 9/10 for consistency and always being exactly what I want at the time, despite the regret and the weight gain.

Lime Thai – Metro Centre, Queen St*

I don’t care if they have a D rating, gimme dat food poisoning filled chicken and cashew nut stir fry, baybee. 7/10.

Acho’s – St Kevins Arcade, K’rd

Zach and I along with one of our new flatmates went here to celebrate getting a new flat. I got the fried chicken and the pork dumplings. They were both incredibly delicious and I’m still salivating. 10/10.

Habitual Fix – Queen St

For some reason this past couple of week I’ve really been craving salad, and I talked about it for days before I actually did something about it. I got the Caesar Pleaser salad and it was absolutely average and nothing more. The egg tasted weird. 5/10.

Thai Archer – Royal Oak

I went here with my dad. We ordered chicken and cashew nut stir fry of course because it is the correct Thai dish to order (I would know, I’m half Thai). It was delicious. 8/10 because they don’t sell dessert. What kind of restaurant doesn’t sell dessert????

Ollies – Royal Oak*

We went here for ice cream afterwards. They have like 700 Tiptop ice cream flavours, it’s amazing. Their food is below average though, so go for the ice cream and maybe some hot chips! 7/10

Craft Kitchen – Ponsonby

I got a muffin here not knowing it was gluten free, paleo, dairy free, AND sugar free. If it had no ingredients in it, why did it cost like $7??? It tasted like a mattress with slithers of rubber-like bacon at the top. The hot chocolate was fine though. 4/10.

Bloc cafe – Mt Eden

I went here with the cast of Hudson and Halls for a lunch during rehearsal. I got the bacon mac and cheese and some mini raspberry and lemon friands. Both were incredibly delicious, I almost cried. 10/10.

Food City – Northcote Shops*

There’s this Thai place in here that does incredible banana splits for $6. 8/10.

Dragon Boat – Atrium on Elliot food court (not to be confused with the Dragon Boat restaurant itself)*

You can get Yum Cha in a food court. I repeat, you can get Yum Cha in a food court. 10/10.

*Note: listings with an asterisk next to them mean that this isn’t the first time I’ve been to these places.




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