Natasha’s Microwave Meals

Welcome to the start of something new and exciting that’s possibly also very horrific and terrifying.

Every week I am going to have AT LEAST 2 meals that are microwavable that I have purchased from the supermarket. I may even have more if I am feeling really up to it/my boyfriend works late nights so I have to eat alone.

So basically I’m going to be consuming a lot of microwavable meals and then I am going to tell you all about them. Why, you ask? A few reasons.

I am very short on cash at the moment.

Microwavable meals are cheap, they range anywhere from $1 – $13. On a bad day I spend about $20 a day on takeaway meals, so I thought by pre purchasing some ready to eat meals, I’d be saving a bit of money. My focus is going to be on meals that are around the $5 mark, but if I see something potentially incredible/horrible for a little bit more, you bet your ass I’m going to buy it. My goal is to spend less than $15 a week on this is possible.

I am bored.

I need some hobbies and I thought this could be a fun thing to do despite the fact that I might die.

I don’t have time.

I often work nights or strange hours that don’t allow me much time to organise dinner or prepare a meal, which often results in me buying a takeaway on the way, buying a takeaway afterwards, or simply just not eating either by choice because it’s too hard or I don’t have enough time or just simply because I forget.

I’m genuinely intrigued.

I’ve looked at so many of these foods at the supermarket for so long that I have almost a longing desire to try them. And who knows, some of them might actually good and I might find some hidden treasures along the way.

The Rules

  • Meals/food items must be purchased from the supermarket and everything required to prepare the meal must be included in the box – so things such as butter chicken sauce mixes and taco kits are ruled out.
  • The meals must take less than 20 mins to make.
  • The meals purchased each week must come to a combined total of $15 or less.

The Criteria

I’ll be judging these meals on a few things:

  • Packaging
  • Prep time/cook time
  • Presentation before and after cooking
  • Taste (obviously)
  • Did I eat it all?
  • Would I recommend it to anyone or buy it again?

Keep your eyes peeled for the first post! It’s coming real soon, I was eating the meal as I wrote this!

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