Natasha’s Microwave Meals – Vol.3, Roast Pork

Every week I am going to have AT LEAST 2 meals that are microwavable that I have purchased from the supermarket. Then I am going to tell you all about it. Want to know why? Click here.

Yesterday I had this meal for breakfast and I was absolutely certain it was going to be horrible. I found myself pleasantly surprised.


It was a roast pork dinner by the same people that created the sticky asian pork belly meal I previously reviewed. Because of that I was a bit worried about this one.

Again, Tomorrow’s Meals really know how to sell their products. Look at that picture on the cover! It’s stunning! But because of the last meal I had from them, I didn’t think they could be trusted. I was expecting the worst.

I bought this from Countdown for $10.89. It’s the priciest microwave meal you can get, and they also do roast chicken and roast beef. Still, $10.89 is pretty good for a meal, and because it was pricier, I had hope that it would be edible and sustaining at best. My back up plan was to just order King’s Roast on UberEats if this all went to shit. Luckily for me, it didn’t.

It takes about 9 minutes to cook in the microwave. You rip off a tiny corner of the gruesome looking plastic container, then you just chuck it in the microwave. It says you can cook it in the oven, but once it was done in the microwave the plastic was real flimsy so I don’t think it would’ve been able to handle an oven.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Before cooking. I was ready for airline-quality food.

When I first unboxed this, I was quite saddened by the vegetable/meat ratio here, and PARTICULARLY enraged by the lack of pork crackling and apple sauce they give you. If you look closely in the meat section, you can just see that tiny rectangle of crackling that’s like a centimetre big and the tiny half a teaspoon amount of apple sauce. IT’S HONESTLY A JOKE AND IT MAKES ME UNREASONABLY ANGRY.

Regardless, once I took it out of the microwave, things started to look up. I thought that the crackling and the apple sauce might’ve been freeze dried or whatever and would have expanded in response to heat and moisture like those weird foam animals that come in a pill and you put them in a cup of water to grow them. This was sadly not the case at all. I plated up my meal because I’m not a death row prisoner, and things started to look good. It honestly smelt amazing and it made my house smell like a Christmas morning when mum’s making roasts.


The taste? Despite my terrible plating skills, LOOK AT THIS. I want to meet the person that made this or came up with the idea for it and personally thank them. This meal was incredible, not just for a microwave meal, it was genuinely just one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. I’ve had roast dinners in restaurants that suck compared to this. The pork was real tasty and MY GOD that gravy is amazing and compliments the pork and the veges real well. You get roast potatoes, kumara, pumpkin and parsnip which were all really delicious, and you also get a good serving of peas and carrots. The only thing this meal needs is more pork crackling and more apple sauce. Then I can die happy and you can all chuck a million of these into my casket as it’s being lowered into the ground.

Did I eat it all? I’m not even ashamed to admit I licked the plate clean.

I AM RAVING and I hope more people find out about this and give it a go. I’m definitely going to try their other flavours immediately.

I just have one concern, half an hour later I got the runs but I don’t know if this was related to the meal or not. Either way, I’d probably still do it again because it is worth having the runs afterwards for.

Overall rating: 10/10.


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