Natasha’s Microwave Meals – Vol.4, Butter Chicken

Every week I am going to have AT LEAST 2 meals that are microwavable that I have purchased from the supermarket. Then I am going to tell you all about it. Want to know why? Click here.

Never has anything ever upset me so much.

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Shoutout to Sandhu for RUINING MY LIFE

For lunch today I had this microwavable butter chicken. ‘Had’ is a loose term because I could barely eat any of it, but we’ll get to that soon.

Well it does kind of look a bit suspicious on the box, it doesn’t look too bad. It was $6, I wasn’t really expecting much, yet I’m still very shocked by how bad this was.

It was one of the cheapest meals the supermarket had, and I love butter chicken. So i thought, if this works out well, it’ll  be a game changer since I consume takeaway butter chicken at least once a week without fail. I’d save so much money if this was good. It was an exciting prospect.

Unfortunately there’s someone called Sandhu out there in the world who created this very bad thing.

I was going to post the picture of the container before it was microwaved but the pics I took were too graphic and I didn’t know how to include those “warning graphic content” cover up things. It honestly looked so bad. A frozen lake of curry and rice that you could probably ice skate on if you wanted to.

It says to heat it for 4 minutes on the box and if it’s not heated thoroughly by then to stir it again and heat it for another 1-2 minutes. I did that, but still had curry icicles floating around so proceeded to do it 4 more times until they were all gone and the curry was piping hot.


It was almost impossible to take a good photo of this, there’s not much else to say. I do however, have heaps to say about the taste.

I can still taste it even though I’ve tried to wash it away. My house smells like it. I feel a bit sick.

The rice tasted like the plastic container it came in and the chicken had the texture of tofu but tasted like nothing which made me feel really uneasy. The sauce didn’t taste like butter chicken at all and quite frankly, I have no idea how to describe what it tasted like. It just tasted very bad.

I’ve had meals that are bad, but not so bad that you can at least push through and eat more than half of it. I had approximately 4 spoonfuls of it before I just could not continue. It just made me feel ill.

I don’t think I’ll be having butter chicken again any time soon.

Would I recommend it? No. Absolutely not. It’s not worth it.

Overall rating: 2/10


Shoutout to those Aunt Betty puddings I had in my cupboard. I keep them as a back up in case I get a bad meal like this one so I can at least be saved by something that I know will be mediocre at its worst.


I had the gooey caramel favour today and it was actually okay. I served it with ice cream and sprinkles to make me feel better and give me the strength and courage to carry on.

These puddings are really all about the sauce and I’m glad they give you a lot of it. They’re not the most delicious thing on the planet, but they are a great light snack and are great use for getting a bad taste out of your mouth.

Overall rating: 5/10 for taste, 8/10 for making me feel better.


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