Natasha’s Microwave Meals – Vol.5, Honey Soy Chicken

Every week I am going to have AT LEAST 2 meals that are microwavable that I have purchased from the supermarket. Then I am going to tell you all about it. Want to know why? Click here.

I was really hoping this was going to be good because honey soy chicken is one of my favourite dishes ever.


But I mean, was I really expecting an “authentic Asian experience” as they claim from a frozen bag from the supermarket?

I had this honey soy chicken abomination as a late lunch today. I had just been to the supermarket and while strolling spotted these weird Wattie’s frozen meal in a bag things. A part of me always knew that this wasn’t going to end well but you know how people “do it for the gram”? That’s kind of how I am with this blog. If I think something’s going to be bad, it only makes me want to do it more.

So here we are.

This bag of sadness was only $3.49 at Countdown so it’s not a big financial loss for me and even a huge steal if you try it and end up liking it. Wattie’s also have other flavours which I’m probably going to have to try eventually to see if there’s a pot of gold at the end of this very depressing food rainbow.

I couldn’t take a before picture because the whole bag just gets put in the microwave, which is a shame because I love seeing the meals when they’re frozen – I have a love/hate response because it’s interesting but then I realise how disgusting what I’m doing is.

It took 5 minutes in total to make and was stirring up some very interesting/bad smells in my kitchen – the smell however, was hindered by my boyfriend who was heating some hot sauce sardines right next to me, so it could’ve been a combination of the two.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
It’s not a hair it’s a weird scratch in the plate.

Now look at this, it doesn’t look too bad and it’s a really good sized portion. It’s packed full of veges which is initially what made me buy it so I could feel a bit better about myself, but the little baby corn tastes like dirt. And I know, I know, baby corn like that often tastes like dirt, but this was really potent. The capsicum, carrot and rice were quite nice and the broccoli was average. The sauce was okay but while there was too much of it, it tasted like there wasn’t enough of it – like it had been concentrated or watered down or something.

I’m one hundred percent certain that the ‘chicken’ in this was not chicken. Didn’t taste like it, didn’t feel like. I’m almost 100% positive it wasn’t at all chicken. Like that butter chicken review I did last week, it had the consistency of tofu but didn’t taste like tofu or chicken. They also only give you like 3 pieces anyway so honestly who gives a fuck?

But all in all, taste wise this wasn’t awful. It definitely wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t revolting and there’s probably a handful of people out there who would really be into this. I am sadly, not one of them.

Did I eat it all? No. I did try my best though, I ate almost half of it before I just had to give up.

Would I recommend it? No. But maybe if you’re really curious and have some spare change lying around, go for your life.

Overall rating: 4/10.


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