About Me

I never know what to write on arrivals card at airports, because there’s no set job title for what I do. I’m a comedian, freelance writer, and stage manager, amongst over things.

You’ll often find me at various theatres around Auckland, whether that be working Front of House or backstage stage managing or producing a show. I currently write for 7 Days and The Spinoff, and was also one of the editors for The Spinoff’s pop-up comedy section during the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival.

I started stand up comedy at age 15 through the Class Comedians programme and immediately fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve produced 4 comedy festival shows, 2 being my own, and the other two being shows for successful sketch comedy groups Frickin Dangerous Bro (Money In The Bank) and Fuq Boiz (Hamish Parkinson and Ryan Richards). I’ve been on a hiatus from performing stand up comedy since the end of 2016, but am looking forward to trying to make a comeback happen early next year and during the 2018 NZ International Comedy Festival with a new hour of comedy.

I stumbled into the theatre scene at age 17 and learnt stage management from a text book. My first show was Inky Pinky Ponky with Auckland Theatre Company as part of their Next Big Thing festival. A year later I ended up writing a play in that same festival, Bravado! with three other incredible women. I’ve been jumping from show to show ever since. Keep an eye on my ‘upcoming’ tab to see what things I’ll be working on next.

This website is mainly going to be a summary of all the theatre and comedy shenanigans I get up to, like a nice little scrapbook, but I may also have some other posts up too. I’m really trying to get into and get a hang of this whole blogging thing. I’m not a beauty blogger or a social media influencer or anything, but I like things. So I might talk about them.

Let’s see how it goes. x